Releve Vaginal Splint

360° Support for Stress-Free Bowel Movements

Releve features a soft silicone balloon that inflates to support the vaginal walls, preventing bulges and pouches that could trap stool. Unlike traditional splinting devices with a rigid design, Releve conforms to your natural shape and is adjustable to your preferred size. Its unique design can address multiple forms of pelvic organ prolapse at the same time, making bowel movements easier and more complete with less strain.
Releve inflated

How Does Releve Work?

Releve is user-controlled through a squeeze bulb and an air-release button. After inserting into the vagina, the user can adjust the balloon's size by inflating or deflating it according to their preference. The handle helps in optimally positioning the balloon for bowel movements and ensures that it stays in place. By occupying the vaginal space, Releve aids in preventing rectocele, cystocele, and other forms of pelvic organ prolapse, facilitating more efficient emptying with less strain. There is no need for forceful pressure against the herniated wall. After use, simply deflate, remove, clean, and store the device for future use.

Uninflated Device with Protective Cover

Uninflated releve graphic

Inflated Device with Protective Cover

Inflated Releve device graphic

How is Releve Different from Other Vaginal Splinting Devices?

Unlike rigid splinting devices, which can be difficult to insert, Releve's insertable portion is the size of a tampon. Users can inflate the device to their desired size, and when complete, the device deflates back to its original insertion size. By inflating the balloon to occupy the entire vagina, Releve eliminates the task of locating the hernia and, most importantly, allows users to relax during a bowel movement. Its curved handle ensures comfortable sitting during use.

Benefits of Using Releve

  • Reduced straining.
  • More complete bowel movements.
  • Less time spent on the commode.
  • Fewer trips to the bathroom.
  • Discreet, reusable, with immediate results.