A New Option for Treating Patients with Low-Grade Rectocele and Cystocele

Releve Vaginal Splint

Most patients with low-grade rectocele experience symptoms only during bowel movements and voiding. Therapies that require continuous use can be burdensome and unnecessary for these patients. Releve is a new vaginal splinting device intended as a first-line therapy for patients to use at home, when needed. 

Releve Vaginal Splint

How it works

Releve employs a soft, silicone balloon that is inserted into the vagina and inflated by the user prior to bowel movements and voiding. The inflated balloon provides mild, pressurized support for the weakened vaginal walls to prevent the formation of rectocele or cystocele. The result is an easier, more complete emptying with reduced straining. An attached handle on the device enables patients to hold the balloon in place or guide it into a comfortable position in the vagina.

See Releve in use

Ultrasound imaging is used to show how temporary anatomical correction using Releve creates easier, more complete bowel movements with less straining. Prior to the ultrasound, a gel was inserted into the patient’s rectum to simulate stool. Patients were asked to empty the gel by pushing as they would during a bowel movement. Without the Releve, the Rectocele formation was clearly visible. The gel remains trapped during multiple attempts to evacuate. With Releve inserted and inflated, the rectocele is no longer visible and the patient is able to pass the gel, quickly and completely.

Simulated evacuation without Releve

Simulated evacuation with Releve inserted and inflated

Discreet, Reusable with Immediate Results

Releve can be used as an initial management of obstructed defecation/voiding, or in combination with other therapies, including diet modification, biofeedback or pelvic floor physical therapy. Releve includes single-use protective covers to prevent bacterial contamination during reuse.

Benefits of Releve:

  • Reduced straining
  • More complete bowel movements
  • Less time spent on the commode
  • Fewer trips to the bathroom